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Colonel Stephen and Dr. Catherine Platt

Dear Kathy, Jeff and Alex:
As we settle into our new home in Alaska, we wanted to take a moment to write to you in thanks for the really amazing work you did throughout the entire process of selling our North Arlington home. As we say in the military, bottom line up front: your team was amazing and we would enthusiastically recommend you to any prospective clients.

From the moment we interviewed your team, we felt comfortable that you would be the detail-oriented team we needed. From preparations and staging, through sound marketing to create a “buzz” at our open house, managing the offers we received, and ultimately, the entire closeout process, your team was the firm hand on the tiller we needed to guide us from the far reaches of Alaska. Your collective eyes for what maintenance and repair needed to be done to a 1950s era home to bring dollars back at closing were sincerely appreciated. Alex’s flair for staging was peerless, with the only downside being she made our home look so nice, we considered moving back in!

Your team had a number of letters like this when we interviewed, and the unsolicited words from former clients helped us settle on your team to bring our home to a successful closing. After going through what is traditionally a very painful process, we want anyone else you may interview to know that you made selling our home stress-free, reassuring and ultimately profitable in a tough market. We would be more than happy to chat with any of your new clients on your behalf.

Be well and thank you,
Colonel Stephen and Dr. Catherine Platt